TYER wind is a paradigm-shift vertical axis wind converter. Rather than blades, it is equipped with flapping wings that converts wind kinetic energy into green electricity based on the underlying 3D Aouinian Kinematics.

The Challenge

Over the last centuries, major scientific progress was made in the field of morphology and biophysics. Animal and human articulations/motions were closely analyzed and simulated using sophisticated techniques. However, the world of mechanics didn’t properly follow the pace of such progress and didn’t offer proper mechanical tools in order to materialize the creation of “bio-machines”. Indeed, the field of mechanics is still based on 6 kinematics only: 5 were inherited from the Greek era while the 6th got invented during the 12th century.

3D Aouinian Kinematics

The Aouinian 3D kinematics marks a major revolution in the field of mechanics. It allows the conversion of a linear motion into a rotational one (reciprocating) and is capable of imitating animal kinematics including that of hummingbird, flying insect and marine fauna’s tail and fim in a very efficient and ‘natural’ way. Invented by Anis Aouini, it has a wide scope of strategic applications including wind energy, external combustion engines, Internal combustion engines, pumps, marine propulsion and many others.

Tyer Solution

TYER technology is a radical solution. The TYER vertical axis wind converter harnesses wind power using flapping wings that perfectly mimics the motion of one of the most energy-efficient bird: The Hummingbird. Invented by Anis Aouini, TYER technology is inspired from Nature and turned out to be efficient, eco-friendly and perfectly scalable. No rotating blades; just flapping wings that convert wind power into green electricity thanks to its revolutionary 3D Aouinian kinematics.

Tyer Working Machine

Tyer wind technology has been simulated and modelized using powerful software. In a record time, a sophisticated-yet elegant- pre-industrial version of the machine has been designed and built to illustrate the revolutionary aspects of the technology. The date sheet specification of the machine (Model TW Hemlice) is enclosed.

The machine is currently under various open air/real conditions tests which are related to power efficiency, aerodynamic behavior, material resistance, stress over the mast, etc..Initial results are very comfortable and the indicative power curve and related data will be released once the results are formally confirmed.

Tyer Working Machine